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Sophia University Sophia University (8)
Graduate School of Humanities (2)
Master's(Doctoral) Program in Philosophy (1)
Master's(Doctoral) Program in English and American Literature (0)
Graduate School of Applied Religious Studies (4)
Master's(Doctoral) Program in Death and Life Studies (4)
Graduate School of Law (15)
Juris Doctor Program(Law School) (15)
Graduate School of Economics (1)
Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics (6)
Master's (Doctoral) Program in Linguistics (6)
Graduate School of Global Studies (3)
Graduate School of Science and Technology (1)
Master's (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology (1)
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (10)
Master's (Doctoral) Program in Global Environmental Studies (10)
Faculty of Theology (19)
Department of Theology (19)
Faculty of Humanities (73)
Department of Philosophy (8)
Department of History (10)
Department of Japanese Literature (8)
Department of English Literature (14)
Department of German Literature (7)
Department of French Literature (7)
Department of Journalism (8)
Department of Health and Physical Education (9)
Faculty of Human Sciences (70)
Department of Education (9)
Department of Psycology (15)
Department of Sociology (9)
Department of Social Services (7)
Department of Nursing (29)
Faculty of Law (33)
Department of Law (12)
Department of International Legal Studies (11)
Department of Legal Studies of the Global Environment (8)
Faculty of Economics (33)
Department of Economics (17)
Department of Management (16)
Faculty of Foreign Studies (63)
Department of English Studies (20)
Department of German Studies (9)
Department of French Studies (9)
Department of Hispanic Studies (8)
Department of Russian Studies (8)
Department of Luso-Brazilian Studies (8)
Faculty of Global Studies (29)
Department of Global Studies (29)
Faculty of Liberal Arts (35)
Department of Liberal Arts (35)
Faculty of Science and Technology (108)
Department of Materials and Life Sciences (33)
Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences (37)
Department of Information and Communication Sciences (30)
Center for Language Education and Research (43)
Center for Global Education and Discovery (10)
SRO Research Institutes Division (4)
Institute for Christian Culture (1)
Institute of Comparative Culture (1)
European Institute (0)
Institute of Asian Cultures (1)
SRO Project Research Division (1)
Center for Islamic Area Studies (1)
Asia Center for Research and Human Development (1)
Institute of Grief Care (3)
Sophia University Junior College Division Sophia University Junior College Division (1)
Department of English Language (16)
Sophia School of Social Welfare Sophia School of Social Welfare (7)